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Build transit systems, make profits, and take over the competition in this real time strategy-simulation game.


Status report.
Most of the conversion to C++ is finished. The menu code is being rewritten as well to use guichan.
Development resumed (again).
The code is currently being converted to C++ and cleaned up.
Development resumed.
After an extended break, development has finally resumed. The sound code has been rewritten to use SDL_mixer and the UI is being improved. If you are interested in helping please join #transitexecutive on irc.freenode.net or leave a message on the forums.
Transit Executive 0.2 released.
This release has many new features such as improved UI with button and window support. Tracks can now be placed. Many bugs have also been fixed.
Transit Executive 0.1 released.
This is the first release of Transit Executive. It is still in the early development stages and not very playable yet. At this point you can scroll around the map, raise and lower terrain, and connect to a server to play a two player game.
A lot of the basic foundation of the game is in place including sound and network support. It is now possible to start a multiplayer game and raise and lower terrain.
The 'Transit Executive' project has been initiated June 18, 2003.

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