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This page contains various bits of information and ideas used in the development of Transit Executive. If you would like to join the development team please visit us on #transitexecutive on the freenode IRC network or look at our project page.

Tech Tree

Generation Vehicles Infrastructure Commodities Misc
1 horses, donkeys, elephants, camels, sail boats dirt roads, ocean mail, people
2 horse drawn wagons (1826), steam powered locomotive (1830), steam powered boats railway tracks coal
3 blimp, cable cars, gasoline powered automobiles, horse driven buses highways coal
4 jumbo jet, helicopter, electric trains, modern automobile, subway subway track coal
5 skytrain, electric car, supersonic airplane paved roads coal
6 maglev, hydrogen car, even superersonic airplane, low-orbit plane maglev track coal
Ship engines:
1. wind
2. steam
3. coal
4. gas
5. diesel
6. nuclear
7. cold fusion

Farm - depot for all animals (horses, donkeys, elephants, camels)
Animal Stop - drop off point for animals
Post Office - drop off mail
Bus Stop - drop off point for buses

transportation routes (roads, tracks, etc)
neutral non-interactive buildings
player owned buildings (bus stop, depots, etc)
units (horses, buses, trains, etc)
industry buildings (oil wells, coal mines, etc)

Menu Buttons/Items

Map Format

The map format is made up of sections in the style of [XXX] where XXX
identifes the section type.

[TE ] - te section
always at the beginning of the file

[MAP] - map section
followed by map width and height, width*height tiles, and (width+1)*(height+1)
corner heights

[UNI] - units section
followed by number of cities and number of units, then the cities, then the

number of players
player starting money
player type (human/computer)

© Copyright 2003-2007 by the Transit Executive Team.

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